Dune Pro 4K Plus -> My Collection sort issues. Alternative to My Collection?


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I just got a dune pro 4k plus. I loved my mede8er, but without x265 support, it was time to upgrade. One thing i'm thrilled about is how i can use the Dune for playing my local files and for the streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Youtube, Crunchyroll, etc.). I used to use the mede8er to stream tv shows/movies and ps4 for the apps. But the Dune can do it all....yay!

For the most part, I like the built-in My Collection feature, where the Dune scrapes the media art/information and provides a searchable library for my movies. The problem is that the options are fairly barebones. Is there some sort of "My Collection" alternative that can be used with the Dune firmware? I could be wrong, but I don't believe YADIS (or similar) works.

I wouldn't mind using the the built-in scraper, but the sort doesn't give you the option to ignore leading articles such as "The" or "A" or "An", etc. So the sort is all over the place. For example, "The Awakening" is sorted with the rest of the T's instead at the top of the list with the A's.

Besides the sort limitation, it doesn't give you any power over the artwork if the original scrape didn't find any. I'd rather have a little more control over it by storing the artwork in the folder with the actual video file. But the Dune doesn't seem to work that way anymore?? I guess my question is...is the My Collection feature the only way to do a movie library?

Also...this is my first post. The mede8er had its own support forum, though i see Dune refers you here for support. Am i posting this in the right place? I apologize for the cross-post (Dune HD 2020 Players Owners Thread). But I don't think i wasn't supposed to post there for this anyway??

And is there somewhere where i can submit feature requests to the developers?


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