Dune HD TV 102 technical issues


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Hello all,

I am new to this forum but have browsed and searched a lot with no answers. My Dune HD TV 102AW died a few weeks ago and I have been attempting to contact anyone that would be able to help me resolve the 'hardware' issue.

The only one I have receiver some sort of answer was from dune-hd.com technical support section, which told me to contact my local dealer to resolve the hardware issue.

The issue:
When I plug in the power cord to my Dune HD the red light comes on, but after pressing the power button on the remote the red light turns off and nothing happens. No other light comes on. I have unplugged the player for a week minimum and plugged it back in, no changes. Technical support tells me its a hardware issue (no @#[email protected]#).

I have sent emails to multiple dealers/re-sellers but no answer from any.

Who am I to contact to get this issue resolved? Did anyone have a similar issue and had trouble getting it resolved? I only bought the player in December 2013 and would really hate to have a $130 paperweight.

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate the help.

Thank you

Mr Eric

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I don't get it. you bought it to a company that sold it to you. it's this company that should handle your hardware problem as your dune is under warranty.

For you problem, you should try to make a firmware recovery. See here for more details (check also the other troubleshoting solutions) : Troubleshooting


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As Mr Eric has advised, contact the company you bought it from. All the legal responsibility for the sale is with them.


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Dear Kuczus,
I experience exactly the same problem on 4 different Dune HD 102 W boxes ( I'm using about 12 of them). Did you found a solution ?

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