Dune HD SmartBox buggy not playing Multichannel FLAC files or DTS Movies without glitches


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I am trying to play multichannel FLAC files from my NAS on this new SmartBox. It will not play them in multichannel, the mix down to stereo. I have a Dune Base 3.0, and it does the same well. Also, when I play DTS soundtrack on the SmartBox, there are video glitches. I just got this box recently, and it looks like it has promise, but it is very buggy and is working poorly. I have tried to contact Dune several times and they replied to me only once. The last firmware for this box is April,, 5 months ago. I'm thinking about returning it. Any suggestions? Also, anyone know how long this box has been on the market?


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The old Smart series based on Sigma chipset are more reliable than this new Realtek models, in fact I am still playing my 1080p and FLAC files with an old Smart D1.

Return the box if you don´t like how it works.


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I just got an overdue update on my SmartBox yesterday (from April to September), and the player still does not play the files I previously described correctly. And, to add insult to injury, the remote functionality and reception is poor, it seems degraded. It barely works and the toggle between cursor pointer and up/down/left/right functionality is inconsistent for various modes of operation. I plugged a USB keyboard into it, and only then was I able to navigate through setting up add ons. It was not possible using the IR remote. Not Ready For Prime Time.

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