Dune HD Real Vision 4K - unwanted automatic power-on after ac loss


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Hi guys,
I don't know if what i explain now is a correct working feature of my new Dune HD Real Vision 4K.
I shut down the device (the result is the same if i put it in "standby mode" or "complete power off" as selected in the system preferences menu): the device stay shutted and on the front display i can see the RED led....now....if i unplug the power cord from Dune, simulating a blackout or simply power off my multiple socket adptor where the dune's cord is connected everything shut down and no more RED led but.....
when i reconnect the power cord to dune and/or power on again my multiple socket...the player automatically switch on (without any pression of remote buttons) and load the home page...

Is this automatic power-on normal?
Have my player a production issue?

My previous owned Dune Base 3D in case of blackout and next electricity restoration...simply stays powered off and i think this is normal and correct....

Have i a problem with my new 4k player?
How do it works yours players?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Sorry for my English mistakes but i'm Italian and speak english only a little bit..


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Sounds normal for this model. You can change the power options in settings to a limited extent i.e whether it goes into full shutdown or standby.

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