Dune HD real vision 4k or Zidoo z9x???


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Currently have a vero 4k+ for playing rips. While its stable, easy and works great BD menus are lacking and that is annoying me.

My use case is slightly odd as I rip full uhd disc but playback is 1080p SDR because i'm using a Epson tw9200 projector. (at some point ill upgrade to a 4k projector)
All my files are on a NAS drive.
Picture and sound via my Arcam AVR550. (7.1.4 Atmos setup)

Which of the 2 boxes mentioned in the title can deal best with the hdr to sdr?

From the research i have done the Dune seems to have better BD menu support but not as fancy library wall art etc. Am i right in these findings?

Not much difference in pq or sq?

Thoughts and comments appreciated


From what I Read both are equal.. Matter of taste


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From what I Read both are equal.. Matter of taste
Ended up going for the Zidoo in the end. Has its quirks but enjoying it so far.

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