DUNE HD REAL VISION 4K - No Audio with BD-ISO full menu playback


Hi guys!

Playback of one certain BD-ISO with FULL MENU: No audio during the movie, but working audio while in the menu and also working audio while playing back the extras like trailers etc.
Playback of the same BD-ISO with no menu (or "light menu"): Audio is working!

Playback of the same BD-ISO on my old DUNE HD SOLO: Working audio with full menu mode, during the movie as well as in the menu and playing back extras.

Now on my old DUNE HD SOLO i remember another BD-ISO having a similiar problem, the only difference: No audio at all except playback without menu (or light menu).

Weird thing is i never had much problems with all my DUNE HDs in all those years to this point, except a few BD-ISOS not working at all, while this audio problem affects only two cases and usually i would have said it is because of a bad ISO but then again there weren´t any probems with that one ISO on my old DUNE HD SOLO while the same one has this problem on my new DUNE HD REAL VISION 4K.

Also tried to switch to different output modes as well as other things, but without any effect on the problem, on my new DUNE as well on my old one.

Any similiar cases here?


Update: After testing another ISO from the same original Blu-Ray, that one works flawless.

Seems the problem is more ISO related than being a hardware problem after all.
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