Question Dune HD Pro 4K vs Nvidia Shield TV

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Given my TV is a smart TV and I have a Fire TV and don't play games, is the Dune a better bet than the Shield for video ? What I like about the current Dune HD Solo 4K I have is it plays Blu-Ray ISOs with full menu and SD is very good quality and it has VXP, but sadly being HDMI 1.4 it is limited. Is the Dune Pro 4K a worthy upgrade at £200 ? Or does the shield beat it hands down for video streaming ? Can the Shield play Blu-Ray ISO's ? Both are around the same price.
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BD menus are complicated, some BD menus are Java based and others are not, to view BD menus requires installing a Java software package on a supported media player like Kodi v19. There are also licensing restrictions around using Java so it's not easy to bundle in.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe you can do this on the Shield so BD menus may not be possible.

No idea on the Dune, but I think you can rule out the Shield and some other platforms that run Kodi other than the PC.

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