Dune H1 and favorites problems


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Hi all
just got a h1 upgraded firmware to latest
Version "110606_1315_update1" (the latest stable version)
A hdd installed with all movie and tv shows on it ......

i have zappiti running great everything fine
except when i try to add a shortcut to favorites on anything it seems to freeze the player up and i have to turn it off from the power switch to get it going again

Ihad the same firmware on my D1 and it never gave me any problems im at a loss to a soultion any body any ideas
many thanks


Do you have System Storage installed, ie a on a USB Flash drive or a partition on a HDD?
Creating shortcuts requires System Storage as the player doesn't have enough memory to store them without it, and this could be what is causing the lockup as it runs out of memory.



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Cheers mark

yes was the system storage and was set up from my pervious D1 And not the H1 just plugged the stick straight in and didnt clear anything from last D1 install was at the point thinking it was the new H1 player and after it changing from graham who i must say was going to do it tommorrow until i found out my mistake
lol im such a numpty sometimes:suicide::suicide::suicide:
many thanks

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