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Feb 11, 2002
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If you havn't seen these mini-series on TV, or even if you have, I would recommend them. You can get them for a song on Region 1 from somewhere like DVD Pacific ($13.06 each). Given an average running time of about 4.5 hours each, this is incredible value. The first is a bit stagey and effects aren't blockbuster standard, but it catches the mood of the book very well and I think it is far more absorbing than the David Lynch's version. The production of Children of Dune is better. If you need an R2 version, check the Dutch sites, but beware, there are cheap versions which are letterbox format with Dolby 2.0 soundtrack. Anamorphic 5.1 R2 versions exist, but are in shorter supply. Of course, you could always pay £30 - £40 each and order them in the UK.
SO why are the UK versions so much more expensive. You can get both dvds for £14 total from dvdpacific yet they cost over £30 each for region 2 versions??


I think the R2 versions are slightly better. Could be wrong. Had both for ages, pretty good. The CGI is woeful on the first mini-series, actually worse than the 1983? film, but a lot better on the second. If you have the Dune film, i wouldn't bother with the first mini-series to be honest, but the second one is worth having.
I bought the R2 version of Dune from DVDZone2 at a reasonable price and this was Anamorphic and 5.1, but I had to wait several weeks. You can think of Dune as either a film with poor effects, or a stage play with great effects. I still think the original is worth it, especially if you can get it at a good price. It is very atmospheric, the film just made me cringe, probably because I had read the book.
Well seeing as it was a film and not a play, i'll call it a film with woeful effects ;)
It was a TV mini-series, so neither one nor the other really. The lacklustre effects didn't completely kill it for me, but it's obviously down to the likes and dislikes of individuals. There's plenty of user reviews on IMDB if anyone's interested, so not much point in repeating it all here. IMDB gives a user rating marginally higher than for the film (6.5 vs 6.3) whereas Children of Dune gets 7.4. The film and the series are very different and people will like them for different reasons.
yes, but both film and series absolutely rubbish c.f. the book (and the so called "acting" of gurney halleck was terrible)
The first series is very much like a staged opera: it's quite nice to look at in a camp, overstylised way. You either accept it as that or don't. Personally, I love the books of Dune and thought both tv series were uninspiring and dreary, and certainly not "Frank Herbert's" Dune (what a horrible marketing tool this authorial stamp is -- think of any film that uses it and consider its authenticity: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, anyone?)

Essentially all the actors (barring Susan Sarandon and Ian McNeice -- who was very good as the Baron) are like drones and totally unmoving. Even William Hurt is poor.

Bland and uninspiring and very disappointing. If only Jodorowsky had made a movie of Dune (not that I think Lynch's is too bad -- at least it's exciting).

You may or may not know (or care) that 'Gurney' from the mini-series was 'Holly' in the first couple of series in 'Red Dwarf'.

He coudln't even act as just a head then!
If you look through the IMDB comments, you'll find most of them are love or hate, maybe the indifferents don't bother to comment. It's a mixed bag, at times lines are spoken rather than acted (probably due to time contraints rather than ability) but I think that the acting is mostly good. Sometimes the backdrops are so unrealistic that you think its supposed to be a painting, other times effects are surprisingly good. Judging from comments here and on IMDB a reasonbale conclusion would probably be to borrow it or buy it cheap if you can or else don't bother (just read the book).
I have both the mini-series on r2 dvd's as my father has most of the dune books. So only watching the series not knowing what they were about and thought they were good :smashin:
Originally posted by jGrahamD
If you havn't seen these mini-series on TV, or even if you have, I would recommend them. You can get them for a song on Region 1 from somewhere like DVD Pacific ($13.06 each).

Children of Dune is £12.668 from DVDSoon - thanks for posting jGrahamD - I have the first series, and wanted this one but didn't realise how cheap it was!! :smashin:
If that's R1, it's more expensive. If R2 it's a bargain.
You're right - dvdpacific is £2 cheaper! Maths never was my strong point!
Having watched both again, I have to agree about the terrible acting of Gurney. I was also more aware of the difference in production of the two. Children of Dune is far superior. It's worth buying and watching Dune just to set the scene for the follow-up. It has a great music score as well. I noticed when playing the trailer for "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" that the music sounded familiar. Apparently, the music for this trailer is taken from Children of Dune, rather than the film itself. Another great piece of music is "House Atreides" which accompanies shots of the Atreides palace. Hats off to Brian Tyler, this is a far better soundtrack than you would expect for a TV series. You can check out a few clips on amazon.com which sells the CD (try comparing "The Revolution" with Master and Commander trailer).

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