Dune 101 setup help


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bought the dune 101 yesterday, i'm trying to get it to see my Lacie Network Space 2 nas where my movies are stored.
i'll click on the network browser, SMB then there is just an option for DUNE nothing about my nas, also when creating a new network share and inputting the correct details it says network resource is not accessible

Any help getting this connected would be greatly appreciated


Is the NAS setup on a workgroup? If so is it the same workgroup as the Dune? By default the Dune workgroup (Setup > Applications > SMB Server) is set to 'Dune' and most other devices seem to be on 'Workgroup'. Setting both to the same workgroup should make navigating to it easier.



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Until I changed "Dune" to "Workgroup" on my 101 I got the url error when trying to play movies through Yadis. MM worked but not Yadis. they play now:laugh:

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