Dumping Ground



Take one perfectly beautiful river, in perfectly beautiful surroundings and fly tip all your waste....... such is the attitude of people today:mad::rolleyes:.

Although this piece of walling is out of place it certainly helps the composition;)
Anyway a busy month so this is my entry.


Nikon D80
sigma 10-20mm with cp at 19mm
iso 100



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Beautifully processed as usual mate :thumbsup:

Not sure whether the processing has made the concrete block blend in with the surroundings a little though, rather than being blindingly obvious that it's out of place ...............


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Agree with Macker. Very Vulkan :thumbsup: but the processing de-emphasises the 'out of place' aspects of the lump in the river.
Great image though mate :smashin:


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Probably my own preferences colour my opinion of photos, to me its composed very nicely, great photo, but cant help feeling it would have that much better with no post processing at all, just perfectly exposed and focussed, still you know what a dinasaur i can be.

Still like the photo anyway:smashin:


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That's a nice one Vulkan. I like the composition and positioning of the bit of crud in the foreground. The water movement makes the picture "flow" nicely and lets your eye wander around the shot.

I'm OK with the post processing - your typical style.

I actually thought you'd have one of your great sea shots with an inflatable doll stuck in the middle of it :devil:


Original received Alex :thumbsup:


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Lovely Shot and wonderful PP.. I have to echo the others comments ...Shame it wasnt a Shopping trolly or something tho..

All the same.. perfectly composed and taken well done

Gizmo 76

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Really like this Vulkan :thumbsup:

I do agree that the actual rubbish blends in a little, but it still works for me and it's one of my favs...


Thanks for the replys....I can see where your all coming from that it isnt blantantly obvious,but from my point of view, just beacuse nature has done a good job of masking it,it dosnt mean its not of place and its that its acceptable..The fact that its not completely obvious is part of the reason I picked it over a wheel barrow up river a bit.

thanks though


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Nice entry Alex...:thumbsup:

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