Dummy question about EPG upgrade??


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Hi guys,

Ive read on this section about quite a few EPG upgrades! Just wondering, is this an auto thing through sky? Or is it something you are downloading and installing yourselfs?

Is there any advantage? Ive had SKY+ HD for 1 month now, running a Samung box, very happy with my service, and EPG... but as is nature with me, i always get intregued when there appears to be something better?

Cheers for any imfo! Just curious for now...



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It will be downloaded automatically by Sky to your box when it's time. Plenty of threads/posts/links etc on the new EPG.


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Cheers for answering that :)

Liek i say, just intregued more than anything! How will i know if theres been a change? Is it very obvious?



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It will be extremely obvious, don't worry you will notice right away as the whole EPG will change. Look at the other threads on the forum about the new EPG and you should find screenshots. videos and more info.


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There is also a demo of the new EPG on Anytime, at least there was on mine.

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