Dummies Guide to Anamorphic Widescreen


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...Why wont my CD player show dvd movies on my tv.... the disks are the same size....


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Im Guessing this is a serious question cause its not as laughable as the others.

Its not the TV thats anamophic its the disc and the player which interprets the anamorphic information for the TV.



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I hate that widescreen mumbo jumbo. It's obvious, your not getting all the picture with all those black bars.

Proper films fill the TV screen then scootle left or right, to see whats happening.

Also, it's much better watching a film with commercial breaks as they give you the chance to make a nice cup of tea and watch the news halfway through.

I like those nice onscreen logos that tell me what channel I'm on, co's I frequently forget.

I also like it when nice Mr ITV takes out all those foul words (like crevice and big jobs) and all that sex and violence. I don't know why the film makers put it in.

Bring back "Star on Sunday" and those nice "Black and white minstrals" is what I say.

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