Dumb question about connecting cable-box to tv & hifi amp


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Bear with me please...

I have telewest cable box with a scart output which is currently connected to my tv. It also has another scart, which is connected to my vcr.

I wish to connect the cable box to my two channel hifi amp (my meagre 'av' setup!). What's the best way to do this? Should I get a 2-way scart splitter box, so one output goes to the tv, and the other to the amp by using a second scart lead with rca phonos.

Or my oldish panasonic tv has phono-outs which can go straight into my amp. This seems like a simple solution. But would there be much sound degredation going via the tv, compared to the above solution

or is there another way of doing this :rolleyes:


Ian J

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Doesn't your Telewest Cable Box have a pair of audio out phono sockets as that would be the easiest way to connect up to your hifi amp.

Some televisions are better are outputting sound via the audio out sockets (if fitted) than others. I don't like the sound quality from my 2 year old JVC television so don't connect it up that way


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Nope, just two scarts. A real pain.

I was trying to avoid using my tv's phono's.
But splitting the scart etc. may not be much better?

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