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Jun 1, 2002
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Hi there,

I am between DVD players at the moment and am going to use my PS2 for the odd occasion I want to sit down and watch a film.

My PS2 is un-modded and I want to make it multi region, I also haven't bought the DVD remote thing yet.

If I buy the DVD Region X disc will this enable playing Region 1 NTSC discs or does the player need to be chipped for NTSC as well?

Also should I buy the DVD Remote thing to get the new version of the DVD player software, will this improve picture quality?

Thanks in advance for any pointers guys,
As long as your TV can show an NTSC signal then using RegionX on your PS2 will work for all regions even without a mod chip.

Don't bother with the remote thingy unless you really want a remote as I've heard it doesn't make any difference to DVD playback on the PS2.
Thanks for that.

I have ordered Region X on-line and went out today and bought the official remote control pack. More for version 2.0 of the player software than anything else, as I heard this fixes some incompatability problems.

Anyway it looks ok with S-Video but it didn't fix the problem I've been seeing with the component cable (was worth a shot ;)).

I bought a really cheap component cable - £6.99 (that'll teach me) and am seeing thin vertical light and dark scrolling bars and really crappy picture quality. I'm pretty sure it isn't Macrovision as I think that is a more overal lightening/darkening of the picture.

I might try plugging the PS2 directly into the projector as opposed to going through the amp as I am currently. Though my amp has never caused PQ problems when switching component before.

Or are could this problem just be because of the cheap cable, the bizarre thing is it looks ok with games on component. :confused:

Any pointers would be appreciated,
If you are using a component connection just make sure you've changed the output settings on the PS2 (default is RGB). The problems described does sound like Macrovision though... But you can by an S-Video lead that will disable it... Don't know about a component cable though...

BTW I was thinking about buying a cheapo component cable for my PS2.. Mainly for Tekken 4 since it supports progressive scan but its next to impossible to find an official PS2 component cable anywhere. I've found one place but the price is about £30...
Thanks for that. So if Macrovision is the problem, should it disappear if I plug the PS2 directly into the projector? I've yet to try this.

I went searching for a cheap official Sony lead myself and found this. I have e-mailed them since the picture definetly shows a boxed, official Sony Component cable but at that price it is most likely not. I'll let you know if by some remote chance they confirm it is made by Sony.

Failing that if you want a really cheap one I bought mine from here.

Nice one Andy. The price is certainly cheap alright ^_^ Once they've replied back to you and confirm it I'll put in an order as well. They stock some interesting products but just don't forget to add VAT to them.
Plugging the PS2 directly into the projector I still have the scrolling bars problem. It is more apparent on lighter scenes and is pretty tricky to describe. The bars are of diferent widths and scroll both up and down. And yes component is selected (over RGB) in setup.

Anyone got any other ideas?
Probably better off buying the Blaze S-Video lead that disables Macrovision since I'm pretty sure that will work with no probs. You would just lose some image quality thats all. Unless you can get your hands on a RGB Scart -> VGA or Component adapter... If you can then its better to buy a Blaze RGB Scart cable that disables macrovision.

All in all playback via the PS2 isn't too hot... Why not invest in a £135 Toshiba SD220E multi-region player?

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