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I am in the process of possibly buying a duet - seems to be pretty good reviews out there.

As with anything I'm trying to think as long term as possible and although I don't currently use itunes there's always a possibility down the line that I will!

So, despite reading numerous reviews that say SB Duet ISN'T compatible with itunes - some seem to suggest that you can save your tracks from itunes onto your computer and then they will be compatible - is that right? And get past all the protection stuff that apple put on?

One reviewer was talking about DBpoweramp - would you need to use this to convert itunes to being SB duet friendly or is there a simpler way?

Thanks very much indeed. Of course there's always the thought do I REALLY need to spend £250 on a fancy wireless streaming device or should I settle for something cheaper and simpler???!!!!!


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Also - to enjoy duet to it's fullest would I need to listen to cds converted in FLAC or would mp3 suffice?

If I do need to use FLAC how do I convert my Cds into flac and will it play through WMP? I've read that it doesn't.

Do I play music on duet through WMP or directly out of my music folder - in which case they can presumably be FLAC files?

All very confused about it all - just don't want to buy something and then find it's more complicated than I first thought and regret it.

I've read reviews about how to set it up - and it does sound VERY complicated - having to install this that and the other and download updates and plug ins. I'm not completely alien to computers but not that advanced either.

Is it just a matter of putting an installation cd into my laptop downloading the software, turning on the duet and going???!!! Could I play music from my girlfriend's laptop too and how do I pick which 'my music folder' to stream songs from? Do I have to download it all into the remote or will it just 'find' it?

So many questions......sorry - just want to make sure I know what I'm buying!



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Sorry excuse my ignorance - but aren't all itunes DRM encrypted? That's how they stop people from downloading them and using them elsewhere?


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FLAC will obviously sound better than low bitrate MP3's, but high bitrate MP3's will sound much better - you will need a resonable AMP/Speakers to really tell them apart... however, there are other good reasons for using FLAC, it's a the best way to archive your CD's and i strongly recommend using it.

All good CD rippers will do FLAC, it's the most common lossless format. Look at DBpowerAMP, Media Monkey or even EAC.

It's not really complicated. Your PC or NAS will need the server software installed (Squeeze Center), then your SB(s) connect to that server via your network. You just tell Squeeze Center when you set it up which folder to find you music in. Plugins etc are optional, most people probably dont use any - its as complicated or simple as you want to make it.

CD's you rip with iTunes are not DRM infected and you can also buy DRM free tracks from the iTunes store.

Go to www.slimdevices.com and download Squeeze Center. It's free and also comes with a SB emulator so you can have a play and see what you think before laying out any cash :)

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