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Duel or triple screen set up with an imac 27" how?


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Would love to buy a cinema display and make the imac 27" duel screen set up, would mean selling my main pc though but only thing is and its a small thing the main pc imac would have the lower bit underneath, see here for what I mean. Plus this guys had to place the normal screen on something to increase the hieght which loooks a bit pants after having 2 shiny nice screens.


I presume I cant attach 2 extra normal screens to the imac can I? Not apple cinema screens. Mind you the cd insert is on right of the imac so the imac itself could not be the middle screen and 1 extra screen each side as that would stop access to the memory card reader and cd insert.

Anyone used duel or triple screen set up.

What thunderbolt adapter would I need to attach the imac to external monitors non apple monitors, what screen res will the imac be best at so i can make sure i get a monitor that can do the same screen res. Will it be dvi or hdmi connection for best picture on the non apple 2nd monitor.

Cool example here: Apple iMac hands-on, with dual 30-inch displays! (video) -- Engadget
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As you've seen connecting standard screens is no problem.

The 27" iMac is 2560x1440 so a 27" 2560x1440 or 30" 2560x1600 screen would match best.

As apple are fond of changing their ports without warning I'd go for displayPort as that's likely to give you the best future compatibility as they seem most fond of that at the moment (both the cinema and thunderbolt displays use it). Most high end screens have a displayPort input these days.

If you do fancy a display that doesn't have displayPort then HDMI and DVI use the same video standard so they can be plugged into each other with simple and cheap adapters. The main difference is that HDMI is more TV-oriented and can carry sound and control signals but you're unlikely to use that on a monitor.

All three standards are digital signals so will have no effect on the picture quality.

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