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I've just started backing up some of my stuff onto DL discs. The Discs I'm using are Datawrite 8.5gb DVD+R. I've only done 3 so far and the first one wouldn't play on any of my dvd players/recorders. The second one wouldn't play on my Panny S35, Panny dmr e30 recorder or lecson 900 but would play on my panny dmr es10 and my kids cheapo alba. The Third disc I did would only play on the alba. I have 2 drives in the pc, an HP and an LG, I use DVD Fab Dycrypt or DVD Dycrypter and Nero 9 to burn. What I would like is some advice on which software would get me the best results or maybe which DVD player would suit bearing in mind my sons alba plays them. The alba doesn't have optical out by the way. Any advice would be appreciated.


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It's a common problem with dual layer discs, compatability is very poor. Not surprising when you consider what you're asking it to do. Unlikely different software will help you as the fact that you can play a disc successfully on one player suggests you are doing that part right. You probably need to consider the media and burner. Buy the best discs you can, I would suggest Verbatim and a good burner like the Pioneer 112. Make sure your burner is compatible with the media you are using.



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Thanks for the advice. You're probably right, fortunately the number of discs I need to back up are few and far between. i guess this problem will iron itself out in time just like the 4.7 + & - discs did.

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