Duel HDD enclosure for backing up and TimeMachine...


Can this be done?

One enclosure for x2 hard drives; one for the TM and one to back up to (I also back up via the cloud to BackBlaze etc)

I'd want a 3TB HDD to back up to and a 3TB for the time machine, USB 3 etc...

Is this possible, if so suggestions would be great :)

Thank you


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Yes that's very possible. Any dual bay NAS drive will do from the likes of Netgear, Qnap, Synology etc... Lots of these can also run additional apps that may be of interest too.

How many machines are you backing up? You are aware Time Machine IS a backup application too right? You can do individual files or a full OS X restore from Time Machine.


Thanks for the reply

It's just for my 2012 Mac Mini, but want the extra back-up 'just in case' as well as the TM side of things too.

Re the TM, I just selected the drive and let the TM run and that's all I do, I don't select particular files etc... And yes, I know it can be used for a restore etc

Any recommendations for the NAS and HDD's?

I don't want to spend daft £££, but I do want reliability etc...



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Do you need the extra back-up? What is the chance of both the hard drive in the Mini plus the hard drive holding the TM back-up both failing at the same time?

You'd only need a NAS solution if you were holding files (not back-ups) in an external drive, imo.

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