Due to take delivery of a Sony KV21LS30


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Jun 24, 2002
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Will report back on the build/picture/sound/features...

Not everyone wants a widescreen for their bedroom :D
Placed the order with EmpireDirect on Monday, and received this morning at 9:20am :D

First Impressions, gorgeous and extremely high build quality.

Geometry was almost perfect (very slight inward curve at each corner); still the best I have seen on a 4:3.

Contrast levels and colour balance on RGB Sky Digital feed is terrific, with zero bleed or distortion on sharp lines. Text is clear, and onscreen logos (expecially the difficult Sky News) all remain tight with zero flicker.

DVD RGB (on my Sony NS405) playback is unbelievable :eek: The smoothness of the image, the flawless colour tones, the fine detail levels, true blacks etc...

The audio was a surprise also. Obviously seperate's are superior, but the Nicam Stereo output is very warm, with crisp treble and deep base without any noticable vibration/distortion at high volume levels.

The supplied stand is also much, much better looking in real life (you were right Squirrel).

All in all, a terrific 21" television, highly recommended as a second TV, great RGB images, awesome DVD playback, and very good audio capabilities.

Now, where is that LS60 :p
cheers for that - mine's arriving on tuesday. Going to be for console use in my bedroom, looks damn fine.
Hey Splinter, I use my PS2 in conjunction with a Blaze gold plated scart lead, and the picture is terrific...

Extremely sharp, vibrant/warm colours...
Picked it up today and this set is gorgeous - Mario looks great on it. Love the silver buttons on the front too.
Nope, was wondering about that last night as I was expecting one but looking at a site on the web they charge you an extra 90 quid for it - so I guess for what I paid (299), it doesn't include it.
Hi guys

Got mine last week for the bedroom. Marked improvement over a Samsung combi (went back over scart & video probs ) using video and consoles.

I managed to price match mine - purchased from Littlewoods £400 incl stand with Argos £299 stand not incl. Littlewoods matched price & I kept the stand.

Rupbert what's the 405 like - is the layer change smooth. At the moment using PS2 in the room for dvds.

Layer change takes around 2 seconds, which is obviously going to be noticable...

However the DVD itself is capable of some astounding images, highly recommended.

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