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Can anyone please point me in the direction of where/what type of ducting I should be getting either side of brush boxes in the wall?
Our plasterer/builder will be getting to that stuff soon and i want to be prepared.

I am thinking 2x HDMI, 1x RJ45, 2x, USB3 up it; and Ill also put 2x 3pin power plugs with USB on it already - most of the new TVs make the firestick redundant, I presume?


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What type of wall is it ? You might get away without it in a hollow plasterboard wall, but brick walls will requite a bit more thought. If you're only channeling out plaster, then the depth of typical PVC channeling/conduit (used for household electrics) won't allow for cables to be pulled through easily once it's in place due to the plugs at each end, so getting the cable choice right is critical.

If your walls are brick and you're able to channel a little deeper, you might find there's a solution that could give you some extra capacity to make future adjustments easier. Just make sure the path is such that new cables can be pulled through or existing cables replaced in the future. I don't have any specific recommendations, but your builder or an electrician might be able to help ?

A quick google search for audio cable ducting gives plenty of options for face plates or visible conduit/ducting, but not many options for what you need, so I'm guessing you might have to look at the type commonly available for home electrics or possibly ventilation, although the latter will be bulkier and might not suit all applications.

As for cable choice, ethernet and USB sounds sensible. Number of HDMI cables presumably depends on whether you're intending to use an AVR, or something similar. If you are, then having a spare one is probably a good idea. If not, you'll need more. I don't have issues with HDMI ARC personally, but many people do and resort to an optical (Toslink) connection, so that might be worth considering.

Smart TV interfaces have improved a lot over the years, but many people still prefer to use external HDMI streaming devices like Apple TV, Nvidia Shield or Fire TV sticks, which give access to more apps and are likely to be updated a lot more regularly than a TV OS. With that in mind, a spare electrical socket behind the TV could be useful for the future. Plugging directly into an AVR is obviously an option too, provided the AVR supports the latest audio and video standards (4K, HDR etc)


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thanks both - will get hold of this and get it all in place, before the electrician does his bits - else i know he will charge me a crazy amount.


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You don’t mention aerial cables for reception of Freeview, but if you just forgot them it would be wise to avoid running them in the same duct as HDMI cables.


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Large ducting and a peice of string, so you can add cables later.

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