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So after the NI meet in Belfast and the North I continued around Eire to see clients. Spent a couple of nights in Belfast and had a couple of hours off one afternoon to see some sights.

More to come....

1, The black stuff....


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Welcome back Gordon!

I really thought that said "Guiness Quantity Team" which would be quite apt. I like the needle one the best - interesting angle, well placed to line up with the left of the frame, and a nice sky too!


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Love the effect on #3. Not just the colour of the sky and the almost total black of the silhouette, but the amount of cloud that fills the background is well considered too.
Was the James Joyce one at a very wide aperture? Interesting approach to take a portrait of a statue an' it's paid off well.
Agree with others about the needle one. Composition and BW are spot on.

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Yes it was about f4 or 5.6 on the 200mm end of my lens, about 2m from the statue. That's why there is a shallow DOF on it. One of my wifes friends is a specialist in James Joyce in an engish dept at a french university. I took a few photo's of it for her. Here is another and some of the statues beside and Oscar Wilde memorial.

6 More Joyce

7 Pregnant

8 Different angle on silhouetted statue

9 Oscar Wilde

10 Different take on the needle. The first I held my camera down at knee level pointing up against the needle and just fired off some shots. This one I actually tried to compose by looking through the view finder....


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Nice collection of shots Gordon :smashin:

The first needle shot for me, love the reflections and composition, and the B&W works superbly, i'd definitely get a print of this!!


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Great series Gordon, 5 and 10 particularly stand out for me: Excellent framing, processing and superb impact :thumbsup:


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Nice set Gordon.

Really like 3 and 5 both of them are strong graphic images, and really nicely composed.

That large pointy thing looks pretty surreal from that angle.


yup! the pointy thing on the first post for me too..really great angle:thumbsup:

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Thanks for the comments so far.

11: Candid shot, taken in park. I saw them kissing and cuddling as I walked up behind them. Decided to just walk past and turn around and take a shot.


12: This chap was sitting on bench beside the river boardwalk. I wasn't sure whether he was down and out or just old and strange. He is surrounded by coat hangers and isn't wearing any socks.....


13: Which way now....

14: I love this reflection

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