Dubbing/Copying of DivX from HDD


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Newbie here, so just wondering.. From what I can see in various specs that I've been
reading the ability to copy DivX files from the HDD either via writing them on a DVD-RW or
via the USB interface.

Is this possible on any of the current DVD Recorders out there ?


most or possibly all dvd recorders wont allow copying to hdd and therefore no copy back either

some will play them from dvd though , like my sony 970b


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So in short you are saying "no"... shame.

From what I've read, some models allow for the copying of MP3's to HDD either from Data CD or via USB interface if
on the model. It would be really neat if the AVI's could be copied from the HDD to DVD-RW or USB key.
Anyone know of any hacks/patches/workarounds that can get this to work on certain models.

e.g. the LG RH277H at the moment is the front runner on my to purchase list...




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Well I bit the bullet and purchased the LG 277H, and after some setup and fiddling about I'm actually quite happy so far.

- USB interface is 1.1, so a little slow, but you CAN copy AVI's (DivX/XviD) files from the USB onto the hard drive
and then play them from there. It is slow, e.g. 700MB movie took about 20 mins to copy from USB to HDD !! this is
because of the 1.1 limitation. But it is possible

- Setting to Multi region is quite simple via the CLEAR+PROG button and updating OP6 from "af" to "8f", and works
a treat.

Having to power down off the recorder for timer recordings to work is a tad annoying, and it dosen't provide built in EPG, in that it dosen't have it's own tuner but sure I can live without that..


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At least you didn't get a samsung.


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most or possibly all dvd recorders wont allow copying to hdd(from divx or USB) and therefore no copy back either
... BUT you can get an add-on to do it for you!!! :D :D

-- this will copy to your deck from USB, PC through the network, in/out, stream, whatever... read the link...

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