Dual sound card, dual boot pc


Ok, a strange one this (but perhaps not) so here goes.

I have a pc with 3 hard drives, two 2Tb and one 4Tb. Now that the 4 is used for storing media files and backup files for Windows 7 it gave me the opportunity to install Windows 10 o/s on the now available second 2 Tb drive. I can now choose at boot up which system I want to use. I have a SB Audigy 2 with external interface box which I use with Win 7 and that works a treat but on Windows 10, even though the sound level indicators show sound is playing, there is nothing from the speakers. Does anyone think there may be a problem putting another sound card in the case, installing the drivers (which will happen once Windows detects the second card) and simply disabling the Audigy 2 in Windows 10 control panel and using the new card instead. I would disable the new card under Windows 7 as I still want to use the midi etc connectors on the Audigy 2


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It's likely to actually be a third sound card as most graphics cards act as a sound card to provide audio over HDMI and DisplayPort.

There shouldn't be any problem.


Thanks, that sounds logical regarding the graphics card. I'll have a look at the graphics card properties in Windows 10 and see if there are sound options. Failing that, I'll install the newer sound card and see what happens.

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