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I have a 24inch BenQ 2420HD monitor and a 17inch (old) Samsung SyncManster 172MP, with an Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT Graphics card. I run this on Windows Vista (about to change to Windows 7!)

I have set the monitors up how I want them with the correct resolution and refresh rate on each monitor. I like having the 24inch monitor clear of icons with a nice HD Wallpaper on it at 1920x1080 resolution and all the icons on the Samsung.

Anyway, the issue I am having is that the wallpaper on both monitors is the same. I just want a plain screen on the Samsung to enable me to view the icons clearly, but if I try to change the background on that one, it changes it on the BenQ too. I want the 'extended desktop' so I can drag stuff across, but is there a way to have separate backgrounds?

I couldn't even do an 'extended' wallpaper, as it would just show it as 2 different ones.

Any ideas please?


AFAIK there is no way to have separate wallpapers on each monitor - but there are cheats such as This to give the desired effect :thumbsup:



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Thanks. Reading down though, it says that it doesn't work with Vista. Ultramon is mentioned (which I will look into) and I didn't go too far in depth after seeing Vista wasn't supported, but does this just blanket the desktop? If so, that would mean it would look nice, but there would be no access to the icons underneath.


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You can use ultramon for this, it also does cloning at different resolutions. It will work with vista and i use it with W7. I've attached a pic to show you where is it under the wallpaper tab


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Just got ultramon. It's great. Shame I had to get an application to do it though. It would be nice if Vista did it. Wonder if it's possible on Windows 7? Hmmm? Thanks for your help.

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