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I'm looking to run 2x HP w1907v monitors (which connect via VGA) on an Acer Aspire x3300.
The system has a nVidia GeForce G100 graphics card (with a DVI port) and seperate to this are:

  • D-Sub VGA port
  • HDMI port
I don't know if I'm thick but can I just plug 1 monitor to the VGA and another to the graphic card DVI port- with a VGA convertor?

Will this work as a dual monitor setup?



Most graphics cards with a DVI output can be connected to a VGA monitor via a simple adapter. So there is a very good chance you can do what you want.
The chances are that once both monitors are connected you will need to go into the GPU driver to set up the dual monitors (after a reboot with both connected is easiest) to work as you require, ie clone or expanded views.



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To check if a VGA converter will work look at the DVI socket, if it has four pins around the flat pin on the right then it will, if not it won't.

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