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I've done a search, but can't find any threads pertaining to how best to set up the audio on my Media Centre PC. At the moment I have a 19" TFT that I use as my pc screen and a 17" LCD television in a different room to view Media Centre. I have a Creative Audigy 2ZS to which I have a splitter to provide the audio to both screens. I can then turn off the pc audio when I'm watching television via MCE. However, I am getting a hum when watching the tele and it's starting to annoy! Is there a better way to connect audio? :lease:


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This rings bells, I used to have a similar set-up and I think it was called ground loop hum or something like that. I bought a little converter that 'cleaned' the audio signal to the second tv and it fixed it... sorry I can't be more specific but it was a few years ago, a google search may reveal more.
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Thanks guys. Of course you're both right. Think the digital and analogue option might be best/ least hassle.


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Stan, on your setup can you have the two different audio outputs running at the same time with the splitter you are using?

Also can you use the pc on one monitor and watch tv via mce on the other screen at the same time also without either programs coming out of focus?


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