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    I recently upgraded to a Lite On DVD writer on my computer in order to back up files, work and partitions of the HDD. I also intend to copy some of my DVD Movies etc.

    Looking at my Tosh SD330E, it doesnt play the recordable format of +/- R DL discs. But I understand it will play DL mastered discs such as Movies that are original. ( I believe some movie discs are dual layer format.) However I cant find a DVD player that supports recordable DL.

    So my understanding now is that DL is really only an effective media for HDD back up purposes?

    Another point this has obviously raised is that DL would seem the ideal format for getting long high quality movies onto.
    However, if im stuck with Single Layer +/- R I guess that a 2 hour movie would need some level of compression to make it fit? Im also assuming that I could omit Extras etc in order to utilse most of the 4.7GB for the main movie?

    I been using digital technology for some years but this is my first venture into DVD writing. I have used a CDR for creating SVCD but im not too familiar with DVD formats.

    ( I had a CD Writer but in a drunken state I put TWO discs in the tray in error. :oops: It really didnt like it! Hence the new DVD drive.)

    I can see that DL may become quite redundant format considering its lack of player support and future formats as BluRay?
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    Dual Layer support is beginning to trickle out in consumer AV gear, despite being supported in the computer arena for some time.

    The big downers (apart from the lack of support in consumer AV gear you've already highlighted) are the cost of blank discs, and write speed - they are around 10x the cost of single layer media, sometimes even more (it's not hard to pay over £3 per disc :eek: ) and top out at just 4x at the moment.

    Most people use single layer discs and compress/omit stuff to fit.
    For the odd times a DL disc is needed, many people just use two blank discs and split the project (not ideal perhaps, but at least you choose where the split is - with DL discs you may have layer change issues, even if your player supports the format)

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