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terry h

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I intend to buy a new 32 inch widescreen TV soon.

After reading the post on the forums for the last couple of weeks I'm unsure of whether 50 or 100 Hz is best as there are arguments for both. To make my descision a bit easier can anyone tell me if there are any tv's that offer dual frequencies ie 50 and 100 hz.

Any advice would be appreciated .


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Sony KD 32DX200 you can switch between 100Hz, 50Hz DRC (Sony's own processing) and 50Hz standard via the remote and normal menu.

Panasonic TX 32 PD30C you can switch between 100Hz, 100Hz with some extra processing (I can't remember the name of it), 75/8313 which I am pretty sure is 75Hz and Progressive which I think gives 50Hz from a 'normal' non progressive input like stb or freeview etc Swithcign is via the remote and normal menu.

Can anyone confirm re 75/8313 and progressive settings and also if the PD50C (replacement for PD30C) can do these settings as well as I can't find a shop with a PD50C on display in Edinburgh to check!


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lots (most?) of the 100hz TVs that i know about have the ability to scan in 50hz and 100hz - it being a menu option

the weight of opinion is that 100hz can be a problem with fast moving action - eg sports. I've not noticed, but then I dont watch footy :rolleyes:

The Tosh ones do. :)
the 50 hz scan mode on my tosh is better than my old 50hs only widescreen
the tv is doing processing in the background to improve the picture (aparently)
The Normal mode (100hz) is clear and stable, so mine normally either sits in Progress or Normal.


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28ZT29 (probably discontinued model now though)
Tosh's IdTV range :thumbsup:
I know you can still get the 32ZT29. :D but they are probably going too
(I think Tosh are angling to move to bigger and flatter sets eg plasma)

The tv has 4 scan modes, Progress, Normal, Active and 100hz

If i have understood the bumph correctly
Progress scans 100hz vertical, 50hz horizontal
the rest are 100hz both

Active and normal have processing going on that handles the pixel quality
Progress uses the extra 50hz to stuff in more processing still
100hz i assume is just that, plain scanning.

The picture frame models (ZP??) have the same scanning options.
I think it is part of Tosh's tube technology, rather than specific to the ZT range


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hopefully the link works...


this is Tosh's bumph
but it list the models with "Active Vision"
basically, ZP38, WH6, ZT29, ZD26

terry h

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Thanks for the advice Brainboy and Peajay.

To determine if a tv allows dual frequency or multi frequency scanning - what terms am I looking for on the features of the TV is it progressive or multi-scanning or something else. I have asked in some shops such as Comet and Curry's but the staff seem to be less clued up than me.


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I have been looking for the same things and it a bit confusing but I think the solution is to stand in the shop and change the settings yourself and it only matters if you can see a change in PQ yourself!

Personally I could see Sony 50DRC was better than 50 standard and both were better than 100 on fast pans - re smearing and pixelation of backgrounds (my personal bug bear!). On the PD 30c the exact same was true - 75/8313 and Prog both looked better for motion shots than either 100Hz settings. Some smart sounding veteran members of the forum have told me that the 100Hz is always tends to be best suited to DVD input and the less proceesed settings for stb etc inputs

On the Sony KD 32Dx200 its very clear as they are labeled 100, 50DRC and 50 go to a Sony centre and they will help you.

On the Panasonic the setings are less clear (IMHO) as they are called 100, 100 digital plus (or something like that) 75/8313 and Prog (which I had to work out Prog was 50Hz). Anyone know if PD50C is same?

It takes blo***y ages standing in shops but to me thats better than getting set home and finding you don't like it! Let me know how you get on please?


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By the way if you ever find anyone who the Currys and Comet staff are more clued up than let us know as it seems very very unlikely!!

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