Dual Analogue / Digital PCI-E TV tuner

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by jaydee999, Apr 30, 2007.

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    This is a similar, but not identical request to Markan. I am after a Vista compatible TV tuner that will take both digital and analogue signals (one of each), not two of either/or. Kworld do one, but I'm reluctant to try it, based on my current experience.
    I have a Kworld PCI analogue/digital card that was working in Vista, even though it wasn't compatible. Vista has now decided that it won't play ball with it any longer, but in any event, I had an issue with the picture quality. It was "grainy", "flat", and washed out, compared to the TV picture from the Freeview STB. There was no depth or vibrancy to the image.
    The PCI tuner card is also right up against the massive passive cooler of the graphics card, which can't be good for business.

    The GTA link from Skillian suggests it is either dual digital or dual analogue. I'm after a dual card that handles both at the same time, so to speak, not either or. For that, I am assuming that you need two inputs, rather than just two tuners?
    Just been to the Black Gold site, and its far from the best. If you click on the FAQ's for the PCI-E card, it starts talking about needing a PCI slot.

    Can anyone recommend a card? Cheers.

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