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Dual 1209 TT Cartridge and Stylus for 33 and 78 playback


Hi, I am sure this question is easy for someone or has been addressed before, but can someone please advise what is a good cartridge and stylus for a vintage Dual 1209 TT.
I have read on a few forums advice on Shure, Ortofon and even AT and whilst I understand a little, I am quite new to getting into the whole audiophile thing.
So I recently picked up a nice clean 1209, and it retains its original Shure M91 MG-D cartridge but no stylus. The thing is I could probably buy a stylus to fit it but I want to put something on there new ideally that can be interchangable from a 33/45 speed stylus to a 78 stylus. Now that point is explained I then need to know what options I have for styluses to buy for both the 33/45 and the 78's. I know I can buy a cartidge with a stylus that might suit the 33/45 but struggle then to know what 78 stylus to buy. The other thing to bear in mind is that I do not want to pour loads of money into this particular TT as I have another nice Pioneer TT mainly for playing 33's. The 1209 was mainly to play 78's but also have the swap out stylus ability. What is therefore a good starter to mid range option? Please help. Thank you. New to the Forum thing as well.
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