DTV interference whenever my HTPC is connected



I have a Samsung 40M87BDX 1080p screen that i have connected to my HTPC. It connects fine via VGA at 1920 x 1080p x 60hz and i am also trying a DVI to HDMI connection.

If i have the digital tv tuner active on the telly and connect any cables to the PC (whether the PC is on or off (but PSU still on)) i get loads of interference or even the signal disappearing.

I initially thought it was the other TV tuner in my HTPC or the wireless card but it still happens when i remove both.

It looks like some sort of grounding (earth) type issue and i have tried plugging both the TV and PC into different and the same power sockets but neither has any effect.

my graphics card is an ATI radeon x850 with a DVI and VGA and HD component out (and video in).

Has anyone had a similar problem - does this sound like a PC problem or a LCD tv problem. The TV aerial and power plugs are all quite close to each other and the aerial isn't the best insulated. Does anyone think that buying a better TV aerial lead might help?




I have found a few posts on other forums discussing a similar issue:

These are mainly talking about using double screened cables and keeping audio/video leads away from power cables.

In my situation it is only a huge problem when the LCD and PC are connected via an HDMI or VGA lead.

Are you all using top quality HDMI leads to connect PC to LCD or would a cheaper one do?

Cheers for any help


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