*** DTT re-tune today Dave Ja Vu ***


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I'm wondering if there is a bit of a shuffle going on, ahead of the launch of Aljazeera and Russia Today going 24 hours?


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Dave Ja Vu seems to have completely disappeared since the retune - which as we can't get Dave off the Oxford transmitter out here is very irritating.
Dave ja Vu is now on the same mux as Dave, which explains why you can no longer receive it.


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There are a number of changes resulting in the requirement to rescan:
Removed from UHF ch56:
TV News2 & Rocks & Co

Changed from 59 to 56:
Dave ja vue (25)
The Big Deal (32)

Deleted from ch54:
Teletext/NHS Choice (100)
Teletext Casino (103)
Direct Gov (106) ?

coming soon
41 BT1 (Sky Sports1)
42 BT2 (Sky Sports2)

Not sure yet about the Direct Gov one, it said deleted on one piece of kit, but is still shown on another.

Edit: Also Ch89 is no longer TV News, but Al Jazeera En 18:00-23:00
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