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UPDATED PICS 26-10-14 on Page 5.

UPDATED PICS 14-12-08 on Page 4. Added a pc to the room

Well, after more than a year saving for my first "proper" home cinema set up, I finally bought everything about 4 weeks ago. So I thought I'd put some pics up.

Obviously it would be better in my own home but at least I've got one really good room to enjoy.

Aside from the iPod, everything in the pictures was bought within the last month and to me, the quality difference compared to my old set up really justifies the cost.

I started saving in December '05 with the intention of buying a better "home cinema in a box" with a budget of around £1200. Then I decided to go the separates route. Then I thought I'd add a flatscreen. Then I started reading these forums and the cost really shot up.

If it wasn't for these forums though, I dread to think what I may have bought, especially regarding the flatscreen. I'm very happy with the Fujitsu, it's a fantastic screen.

I've got to say a big thanks to all the forum members who have been really helpful with advice on my threads.

Also thanks to Frank Harvey in Coventry for being really helpful & supplying av receiver, dvd player, speakers, cabling & stands. They've got a great shop & know their stuff.

And thanks to Av-Sales who put up with me changing my mind. Managed to cancel a 42" Fujitsu the morning it was supposed to be delivered when I realised I wanted the 50". And then when I wanted to swap my sub from an SB12+ to a PB12+/2 on Friday.

I think I've managed to fit just about everything into my 8'2" x 13'1" room. The wardrobe had to go last year to make way for my ever expanding dvd collection.

The most satisfying thing about this new set up is that I'm on low wages & managed to stick at it and save for something I really wanted and it was definitely worth it.

At some point I'd like to get either a BFD or EQ unit for the sub. The only other item I want in here is my own desktop pc which I hope to have by the end of the year.

This is what I had at the beginning of March: OLD SET UP

And these are some pics of my new set up.

















EDIT: Added a more recent photo of my tv/film collection, taken in April 2008:


And new PB13 Ultra bought in January 2008:


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Fantastic setup mate. :thumbsup:

I expect lie-ins will never be the same again.:D


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Wow-very nice:thumbsup: How do you get into bed tho?


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Very nice, glad you like the sub looks like you just about had enough room for it to squeeze in :D .

And a huge kudos to you for saving up for it all, you might want to go to the chemist though and pick up some anti-upgradeitis tablets to save you some cash :rotfl: .

Recomendation to test your sub, which was brought to my attention by Malice in the sub section, is "the complex rock tour live" by the blue man group.

Your system will really shine when you get to give it more room to breath. I presume you live with your parents, did it scare them when they saw the sub arrive? If it did scare them i would wager money it got worse when you first put it into action :devil: .

Hope you really enjoy your setup and keep the big grin on your face that you must have at the moment. :thumbsup:

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I think you have amazing will power to save up and then decide on the correct equipment in one go.

The room looks fantastic.

Good to see you have hi def films, thats the way forward for sure......

And nice to see you have almost twice as many HD DVDs than Blu Rays :thumbsup: .

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Excelent work mate! Nice to see your room size hasnt held you back, becasue it hasnt stopped me! Im suprised, at the size of the PB12/2 its not actually that big. Im saving up for 2 SVS PC13's (the new range coming in July).

That screen is just gorgeous too! Brilliant work matey!!

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that looks awesome mate and well done for saving I have been a little like you with money going on the mortgage and 2 new cars and little for hi fi stuff but its worth it in the end when it all comes together :thumbsup:


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I presume you live with your parents, did it scare them when they saw the sub arrive? If it did scare them i would wager money it got worse when you first put it into action :devil: .

Yes, I live with my parents. My dad looked a bit shocked when it came on the pallet! And when he first heard it, it didn't half make him jump, just like when I first heard it!


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Looks great :thumbsup: well done


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OMG :eek: what a wicked setup you have, well done mate :thumbsup:

How many Watts does that sub kick out?


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OMG :eek: what a wicked setup you have, well done mate :thumbsup:

How many Watts does that sub kick out?

Its not the watts that matters, well it is :rotfl: , but the earth shattering bass the beastie will chuck out.

I guess dts.1978 gets a nice massage everytime he plays something with any bass :D .

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What a brilliant set up you have there. The quality on the picture looks great and your collections of DVD's and now HDDVD's makes me jealous.

I hope when you eventually move from the nest, you save a room in your new house for a dedicated room - your dedication deserves it.

Well done!


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That's some seriously impressive kit, and your film collection is just as impressive. Something to be proud of mate - good effort :)


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That's a great setup, I'm glad you weren't put off by the size of a 50" display, it is definately worth it IMHO however small the room is.

Is that stand the Alphason AD3/105-PB? If so, that is the stand I was thinkling of getting for my 50" Fujitsu, so it is really useful to see what it looks like.

Congrats on a great setup :clap:

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