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Apologies in advance for the probably obvious and rambling question, but here goes – I use coax output from my Sony DVP-S525 DVD player to connect to my Sony HTSL7A Home Cinema set up, no problem so far.

So that I can pipe Sky / DVD through to TV’s in the kitchen and bedroom, the digibox SCART and the three phono outputs (Video / Audio left and right) from the DVD are routed through the video recorder. If I play a DVD with a 5.1 soundtrack, no problem, video and sound on the kitchen and bedroom TVs. If a DVD has a DTS soundtrack, the video is OK on the two TVs but I get no sound.

Is there any reason why a DTS soundtrack wont output from the DVDs stereo output whereas a 5.1 soundtrack will.


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You only get a dts output usually by selecting it from the dvd menu in advance, having known the sound decoder can deal with it?This probably uses a different soundtrack on the dvd with no associated stereo soundtrack which would be superfluos if you have dts capability.

Most dvds default to a 5.1 output selection but are also sending a basic stereo signal out through the scart at the same time. I have to tell my tv to use the 5.1 optical input on the dvd av in. Indeed I have no scart connection between the dvd player and the tv as I have a component connection. This often results in no sound available on "extras" as they have no associated 5.1 track. However if I use a scart connected player a mono or 2 channel stereo is played back through the scart.


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I think the answer to your question is that your DVD player doesn't have the capability of downmixing the 5.1 (or 6.1) channels of DTS to 2ch.

I had this with the NAD T550 that I had until recently.



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Thanks both for the information. It certainly makes sense that a DD5.1 sountrack would need the ability to be mixed down to stereo if no home cinema receiver was available, and, as a DTS soundtrack is usually an 'optional extra', there would be no reason to select it if all you had was stereo.


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