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I’ve returned to Av forum after a very long absence so apologies if this could of been posted in a better category but I’ve got a Bose 900 sound bar, Sony ubp x800 player. Fully aware the Bose doesn’t decode Dts. When I put Interstellar uhd in when it gets to playing the film itself…. No sound what’s do ever. Quickly realised it’s because the audio being played and confirmed by the Sony player it’s Dts so not compatible. There’s an audio button on my Sony that you can toggle to the non dts English 5.1 great I get audio! But also with audio description and if I switch that off in settings it toggles back to Dts audio with translates into complete silence because of the Bose. It’s an endless loop. Can anyone more knowledgeable explain or offer a work around?


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Is there a setting in the Blu Ray player itself to turn DTS from PCM to bitstream? It might be the other way round, can never remember.


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Output sound as pcm for DTS streams
Wow... Why doesn't an £850.00 soundbar support DTS audio decoding. Bonkers!


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