DTS, Tru HD 7.1DD?!?!? system needed £400


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I have a Sony BDP 350 Blu-Ray player that I've got plugged into an old (6+ years) Dolby Digity 5.1 system. I've also got an Xbox 360 and a SkyHD box.

I bought Wall-E on Blu-ray this week and have come across a problem. Wall-E doesn't come with a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound track (in English), instead it has DTS 5.1. Unfortunately that means that I get no sound during the film (other than stereo....Ouch!). So I've decided to treat myself to a new sound system.

I would like it to be as future proof as possible (trueHD? DTS-HD? etc) and as you've probably gathered I know nothing about av audio. I've recently decorated my living room and pulled through some decent speaker cables for the rear 2 speakers, so I don't want any more than a 5.1 system. Does this kind of system exsist or do you only get these kind of options on a 7.1 system?

So in summary:

I'd like to connect my BluRay player (BDP-350), SkyHD and Xbox 360.

Get the best possible sound out of these systems (within budget).

Be as future proof as possible.

Be as small a unit as possible.

..... and cost around £400 including speakers.

Am I living in a dream world :rolleyes: or can this be done???

:lease: help :thumbsup:.


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If you are interested in a standalone AV amplifier then I would suggest the Onkyo 605 AV Reciever (yes its the model I have but im not trying to big it up)... this can do all the HD audio formats you need and comes with x2 HDMI inputs so audio gets decoded properly, component, optical x3. Then oblivously for speakers its what you want really. Hope this helps.


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On a side note, I beleive the bdp-s350 should have a Dolby Tru-HD decoder built in. It should be able to decode and down-convert so you can still get 5.1 out of it. But if you are using this as an excuse to get a new receiver,.. carry on.


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So if I got the set-up you mention, how would it work only getting a 5.1 speaker setup going into a 7.1 system?

I've also had a look at

ONKYO TXSR606-BLK at Richer Sounds - HI-FI Separates, Home Cinema, Speakers, MP3 DVD Portables, Plasma LCD, etc.

Is there any noticable gain for the extra £100 reguarding specification?

You choose the speaker layout during the setup of the receiver.
In use a 7.1 sountrack (still very rare) will be downmixed automatically to 5.1.
You can always add 2 more speakers at a later date to give you a 7.1 setup.

From their specs, the extra £100 will give you multi-channel analogue inputs (which you don't need) and multi-room outputs, but you won't have much left to buy speakers.

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