DTS Source -> 3805 -> Zone 2 -> No sound?



Hi :)
I have recently been messing about with DD and DTS to see what audible differences I can hear...

Nevertheless, when I play a DTS DVD (with DTS Audio selected) I hear and see everything perfectly within Zone 1 (with the 3805 showing DTS).

However, IF I select DVD for Zone 2 - I see the picture BUT get no sound. IF I revert back to DD everything is fine in Zone 2.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this maybe the case?

kind regards,



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The remote zones on the 2805 and 3805 don't play back sources connected to the digital inputs of the amp, only analogue ones. The surprise, therefore, is not that DTS doesn't work in Zone 2 - it's that DD does! I guess you must have your DVD player hooked up to the analogue inputs as well as the digital inputs - does your DVD player output signal on its analogue outputs when in DTS mode?


Hi spl23 :)
you have made the correct assumption in that the DVD player is also connected by analogue (hence sound in Zone(s) 2 & 3).

Switched the "Input Mode" to "Analogue" and sure enuff not a peep coming from the DVD player (should have checked this earlier).

many thanks.....


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