DTS sound on my D812


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Well, I've been looking through these forums for a couple of months and have found many answers, but the time has come to post my first question!

I am new to home cinema and have got my setup working well. I have one area that I am not clear on.

First of all, could someone clarify for me. Is DTS superior to Dolby Digital, or just a form of it? - I'm unsure of the difference.??

When I watch a DVD that has DTS sound indicated on the disc/box, I select the "standard" sound mode button on my remote and the message on the unit (Pioneer VSX-D812) displays a scrolling "Dolby Digital". I now know that it is putting out sound in 5.1, (and sounds very good), BUT I'm sure somewhere along the line I have seen "DTS" lit up on the unit. The manual says that DTS and Dolby Digital are standard sound modes, but perhaps there is something I am not doing right.

Eg. last night I watched Master and Commander, which definitely is DTS encoded, but had "Dolby Digital" illuminated on the unit.:confused:

Any help greatly appreciated!


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Has the disc got Dolby Digital as well as DTS? If it has you would have to select dd or dts on the set up menu on the disc.Most people do think DTS is superior to DD.


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Thanks Bob1. Now thats what I call service.

I checked the disc, and cunnigly hidden in the 'Languages' sub menu, there was a choice English, or English DTS.

Selected DTS and got the magic symbol I was sure I hadn't once imagined!

Presumably it is always the case that there is somewhere an option on the disc to play with DTS.

Thanks again!


You have to select the DTS soundtrack. I've also got "Master and Commander', on rental from Blockbuster; if I remember from last night (was a bit drunk) it's under language selection - you get the choice of 'English' or 'English - DTS', or something very similar. This will be the same for most DVD's, in that you have to select the DTS soundtrack else it'll default to DD.

DTS is indeed superior in quality to DD as it is encoded at a much higher rate.
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