DTS Play-Fi - using physical presets on Audiolab 6000n


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I'm in the market for Audiolab 6000n Play and I have read a lot of reviews for both the machine and for the software and I do understand the frustration when it comes to DTS Play-Fi.
Knowing that the 6000n has 6 physical presets, can I use them without opening the DTS app on my phone, after setting them up?
For example I set the first one to local media playback from nas, the second one to some internet radio and if I turn off my phone and push the 1st button, will it play the local media?



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Hi there,
I just tried it (except I tried playing album on NAS via a Plex media server, not playing directly from the NAS).
I set up one of the 6000N presets to play an album, then shut everything down and restarted it without DTS running on my phone (at least not in the foreground - not sure if it was doing anything in the background...) and it worked fine. Selecting the 6000N preset started playing the album.
Also works fine for internet radio stations via the presets.
Got my 6000N a couple of weeks ago and it's a terrific piece of kit. The DTS App isn't all that great tbh, but if your network is reasonably good, you'll get the hang of it.


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Thank you for your time to test the scenario. It is great to know that we can use the presets w/o the app opened.
Do you by any chance have this 6000n connected to 6000a? If yes, can you switch presets from 6000a's remote?

Thank you again!


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I do have a 6000A, connected to 6000N with USB. I think (think...) all the USB connection does is allow the volume to be sync'd.
But I'll give it a go and let you know.


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Just bought a 6000N Play and connected to 6000A via USB link and using digital output for sound.
I managed to add 3 radio station, one NAS folder and one Spotify station to the physical pre-sets and confirm they are working without requiring having the app or the phone opened. In the update changelog is stated that the DTS Play-Fi can now transfer the stream directly to the 6000N so no phone needed anymore after setup.

One thing I wish implemented is using the 6000A's remote control to switch between physical pre-sets.

One plus for me using the DTS Play-Fi is that my Philips TV have this feature and now I can have the sound from TV routed to 6000N Play

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