DTS Neo:6 only coming from centre channel 🤷🏻‍♂️


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So I just played the Rosemary’s Baby blu ray which is encoded with Dolby TrueHD 2.0, I hoped the surround modes on my Yamaha Amp (AX863SE) like Neo:6 and Pro Logic II would turn it into glorious surround… but it only comes out of the centre speaker.

I generally use a Panasonic UB820 UHD player because it upscales to 4K, but when I try the same from my cheaper Samsung blu player it has the option of converting to Neo:6 within the player, and when I do this with Rosemary’s Baby I am hearing audio from the other channels including rears.

Any thoughts on why this is? I’ve tried toggling settings like PCM/Bitstream and Stereo/Surround Encoded and I still can’t get surround from the UB820 on this film and others with stereo or mono soundtracks.
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Bitstream your audio from the player to the AV amp and let that amp do the decoding and upmixing, that's what it is built for. No need at all to use the player for audio other than to let it pass unaltered to the AV amp.


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If the signal you are applying the NEO:6 processing to was mono then the upmixing will only detect it has being what would be associated with the centre channel. This is why it is being portrayed by just the centre speaker. There's no stereo left and right audio data in that particular soundtrack/ It is a mono soundtrack and there's no audio data to tell the av receiver where it should create pseudo left and righ channels.

Despite the included soundtrack including 2 channels, it is in fact flagged as mono. The two channels present are the one and the same audio with the exact same phase.

This particular film has never had a stereo or a discrete multichannel soundtrack. The only way you'll ever get a multichannel or surround depiction of it is if someone remixes it and remasters it.
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