DTS-MA Distortion through B&W M1


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Mar 11, 2003
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Luton (UK)
Merry Christmas all!

I'm currently running a basic 3.0 setup using 3 B&W M1 satellites upfront while we wait to move house. Last night I was watching The Return of the Jedi - DTS-MA.

The sats are (were) set as being large with no subwoofer. During an explosion over the Sarlacc pit, the center channel distorted, producing a crackling sound. Am I likely to be right to assume that this happened because a full range signal was being pumped into a small speaker?

I have set the sats to small and set a crossover point at 80Hz. Replaying the same scene again produced no distortion and a good clear sound.

I think I've just answered my own question here but, was i right in thinking the full range signal into a titchy speaker caused the problem?

p.s I dont think I've damaged anything......luckily.
Yes you were right, min 80hz xover for that speaker and set to small otherwise it will likely blow if you use a high volume you were lucky this time.:)
If you don't have a sub, it would mean that the amp is directing the bass from the centre to the left and right, in effect putting more stress on these speakers.

If they are all the same speaker, then it sounds to me that you might have an issue with your centre speaker.
Checked the speakers out and they are fine. Think it was just due to me not setting them up properly due to not having my sub plugged in.

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