DTS Headphone:X - Any special hardware needed ?


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Hi All,

Firstly - Happy new year to everyone, hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. Ok, so now onto my question, which is how DTS Headphone:X is delivered in Movies Vs Gaming, as i would like to watch movies and play games on night time without disturbing my family, and have the best possible surround sound experience through the headphone.

Ideally i would prefer to use higher quality headphones rather than gaming ones, and this is where my dilemma and lack of understanding begins

Now this is where i get a bit confused : On some forums i've read that for bluray movies that support headphone:x then no special hardware is required at the track is already pre-mixed and can be listened through any headphones, i.e. no hardware decoder / dsp is needed ?

For gaming, because the sound is changes all the time dependant on the game, i'm assuming that specific headphone:X hardware is required, i.e. the likes of gaming headsets that support headphone:X

Not being a big fan of gaming headsets, what other options are available out there that can be used with standard high quality headsets such as SennHeiser's ? Are there any standalone Headphone:X DSP/Dac's available ?

I had thought of buying an AV receiver that supported DTS:X / Atmos and just using the headphone socket but apparently this does not work and only Stereo would be delivered.

Any advice of any other options would be greatly appreciated.


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