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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Craig_Nike, Jan 21, 2002.

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    OK - I've a million people.
    I've asked in the Receiver forum.
    I've asked websites that sell DVD's.

    I need to know decisively which Region 4 disks are dts 6.1 disctere. I know there are a few dts Marix 6.1 around, but I cant find any discrete.

    Se7en says dts ES 6.1 - but I'm not sure if it means discrete or matrix. On the actaul disk audio menu it just says dts surround ?

    Please help - or if you dont know please point me in the direction of someone / website that would know ?
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    Craig, "ES" is for discrete. I wouldn't be suprised if SE7EN is the only one. DTS ES has nearly no suppourt here in region 1, save a few Dreamworks titles, GLADIATOR, THE HAUNTING, and CHICKEN RUN all come to mind quickly. New Line's SE7EN is ES here too. I think I've forgotten 1 or 2 titles from Dreamworks. There are only a few. ES isn't catching on. I've been using an outboard Smart Jr. EX processor for nearly 2 years and it's very effective and the discs don't have to say EX to work well. I've heard GLADIATOR on a Denon that suppourts ES and I don't think it's noticably better than matrixing out a rear centre.

    I doubt there will be anymore ES releases. None of the Dreamworks titles I've aqquired lately suppourted it. DTS ES is not a theatrical format. I think it's revealing that theatres that even have rear centre speakers matrix it. Hey, it's a rear channel tweek IMO. I've yet to see anything surpass STIR WARZ PM's EX anyway. Dreamworks may get a liscence fee for ES? Maybe their competition doesn't want to have pay it? The same may be true about EX? Which I think Lucas owns...? Not all that many films purport to be in EX, maybe 30? If the EX and ES label costs money and doesn't really drive sales, why wear the badge? All noisey, modern, effective action films seem to benefit from my matrix set-up. It matters little to me wheather they're labeled anything. Best wishes!

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