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I know that this subject has been mentioned in the past but they are quite old threads.
Does anyone know where I can purchase DTS DVD demo discs?
Also THX ultimate DVD.


Phil Hinton

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These discs are not for sale and are only available to industry users and dealers. I have seen a few on Fleabay but they look like dvd-r copies to me.


Ahh ebay is you best bet. The Thx Ultimate demo dvd is worth getting imo, the dts ones are so so since there just film clips. Finding an original copy of the thx demo is hard as hell though.

I got mine of ebay about 4 years ago and it was a sealed copy but that was still a rarety back then.

You can buy a dts demo from the dts website. But it only has there new trailer on "sparks".


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MOD EDIT: Original "for sale" text removed. If you wish to sell, please create a thread in the for classified forum, and link to it in this thread


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LFCRules, I thought that my smiley ;) would have given a clue that I was only kidding about selling. I was just replying to Phil's comment about the discs retailing for £25 each. No intention at all regarding selling. Sorry for the confusion.

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