DTS demo DVD


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Has anyone ordered this disc? I know everyone likes their demo discs and this seems good.

Ultimate Widescreen DVD

It sounds great value for $10 inc postage. It has 18 full bit rate DTS demos most of which I believe are from the official DTS demo discs. The movies are:

Chicken Run
Courage Under Fire
The Prince Of Egypt
Titan A.E.
American Beauty
Pitch Black
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park 2
Men In Black
The Haunting
Peter Frampton Live in Concert
Galaxy Quest
Saving Private Ryan
Small Soldiers
The Peacemaker

Along with reviews and stuff. Seems very cheap as the DTS Demo discs can fetch quite a lot themselves. I suppose Widescreen Review are a decent magazine in the US and a safe bet?

Phil Hinton

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Problem is that it is not available to international subscribers


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But it says

$4.95(US) shipped to continental US, $5.95(US) shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico, $9.95(US) shipped to International addresses

Maybe its late and I'm being dumb but am I missing something? It doesn't say you have to be a subscriber anywhere?


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I like the sound of it too, I might email them first, it seems very good value. Or you order first...go on :D lol Nah I'll email later and report back.

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I've got a copy and it is not worth it. The normal DTS demo discs are much better.

This disc is basically a trailer DVD no more than that.


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Meh...isn't this basically a compilation of the DTS demo discs? And by that I mean the DTS demo disc 1 to 5 or whatever that have movie clips. In what way is it worse? They are all full bit rate, anamorphic etc

Anyway for anyone who is still interested, I got a swift reply from Widescreen review so I'm quite impressed.

"The cost for the DTS Disc is $9.95 for the disc and shipping. This disc would be mailed about two days after it is processed and mail first class airmail. You may order this disc with out being a subscriber to the magazine."

Order away guys :smashin:

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