DTS delay?



Until recently it seemed to me that every time I played a DVD with DTS enabled the audio was out of synch with the video - don't know by how much, sub-second type-thing - but enough to be noticeable. Since it seemed to always happen I put it down to the fact that it was because I have a cheap all-in-one DVD player/surround box so what could I expect? I just used 5.1 instead and this didn't seem to show any noticeable lag.

However, I watched Underworld last week and was switching between 5.1 and DTS and there was NO lag at all. So now I'm wondering whether it is different per DVD or whether there is something inherent in the way DTS is encoded which lends itself to being more out of synch, or whether it is my one-stop box and I was just lucky with the Underworld DVD. Or maybe it was because the Underworld DVD was region 3?

Anyone got any ideas?
Hi Safety, I have several dvd's where the DTS-sound isn't in sync, but if I remember correctly the sound is early so it might be another problem. I always considered these titles to be flawed, as like you say the DD5.1 sound is in sync. (and my equipment isn't low-budget)

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