Dts 96/24?


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Am I right in that the 96/24 is obviously DTS but uses more memorry on the disc for a clearer sound.

If so are there any films with this used. Both my amp and DVD can use this function. I have not heard much about it only that it is good.



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Hi Phill

Not heard it yet myself but I think the Italian version of Tomb Raider comes with a DTS 96/24 track. Supposedly the higher sample rate gives better quality sound (like Dvd Audio) assuming you have the hardware capable of decoding it.

Don´t get it mixed up with Superbit titles which use more of the disc space to improve the video/audio quality. DTS 96/24 is a higher resolution format in its own right (96 Khz/24 bit).



Jase is partially right. :)
DTS 96/24 is rubbish.

1. It never sounds as good as PCM 96/24 (MLP) or 192/24 - aka DVD-Audio. (cuz it is lossy. :D - discard information to be compressed.)

2. It is really a waste of disc sapce. takes too much.

3. I'd never buy any movie titles which has DTS 96/24 track. Because the the space, compromise in picture is inevitable.
This is main reason there aren't many movie titles with it. (Acutally I'm not aware of any movie title.)

4. The masters for movie soundtracks aren't even at a 96kHz sampling rate, so why would you want a DVD made at that rate from them. Now THAT would be a marketing gimmick. One that would convince 90% of the DTS warshippers, i am sure, though "Look, it has more bitrate AND more sampling rate. Its going to stomp the DD track". LOL!

5. For multi-channel music ? We've got DVD-A.

And... as for superbit dvds...

Superbit dvds don't just use extra disc space to higher the quality.
The higher bitrate in itself is not really responsible for the higher quality. The picture is more detailed because its filtered less before its encoded. That in turn makes the increase in bitrate necessary, to avoid MPEG artefacting like blocking or mosquito noise.

Increasing the bitrate alone would not change much on most of todays DVDs. You can see it like this: Increasing the bitrate raises the 'potential' for the transfer to look better. If proper care is then taken in the pre-process, the result can indeed be stunning.


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I thought DTS 24/96 is purely for audio only, i.e. DTS's version of multi-channel surround music!?
Never heard it's used as a movie soundtrack - would there be enough space for the video then?


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i was under the impression it was a music only format, as in DVD-A and SACD. never heard of it mentioned with regard to movies before.


I have only heard one DTS 96/24 title, and it was Queens, A Night at the Opera disc.

And it sounded awful. I'm not a big fan of Queen myself, but i do know a good disc when i hear it, and this sadly, is utter OTT trash.

Imagine every surround cliche in the book, you know, vocals steered to exactly where you imagine them to appear in the surround mix etc, and it's all here. The chorus in Bohemian Rhapsody made me laugh for the entire duration :D

On top of this, the quality is exceptionally dry and lacking in warmth, with a very brittle texture which makes high volume a chore. Are we getting the picture yet??;)

If this is an indication of quality, then it's no wonder there aren't many releases using the format, or is it just marketing blurb?? It was no better than a standard DTS 5.1 CD.

For me, dts cd's, dvd audio and especially SACD are all better than this waste of space!


BTW, Jase, the italian release of Tomb Raider has a DTS ES 6.1 track, i think the reviewers got a bit over excited with the logo's - it certainly doesn't light up the logo on my friends Sony VA555ES amp, just engages the ES Discrete mode.


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well I just picked up Queen Greatest Video HIts 1 opn UK DVD and it's 96/24 complete with video..but it sounds awful. Very OTT surround which doesn't suit the videos at all..very disappointed.
Voices appear from different speakers mid track and they sound so out of place it hurts..and I'm a Queen fan..:(


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I always wondered what's the point of DTS 24/96 because as far as I know DTS is cut off filtered at around 19Khz so any sampling rate above 44Khz is probably a waste of time.

Is this right?



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The cut is not a total (clean) cut but at around 15kHz the level drops off dramatically caused by the DTS encoding process.

Adam Barratt

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At 754kbps and using the CAE-4 encoder frequencies above 15kHz are rolled off. Using DTS's own software encoder it's flat to 19kHz. At 1509kbps DTS is flat (theoretically) to 24kHz.



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Just got Queens Greatest Hits The Videos Vol 1 and its in DTS 96/24. Certainly sounds pretty good (if you have the hardware to decode the 96/24 signal). Bit of "creative" mixing etc but I don´t find that a problem as they´re videos and not a live performance as such. Bohemian Rhapsody sounds rather good to be honest.:)

Oh & just to clarify, the Italian version of Tomb Raider does have a DTS 96/24 track as mentioned in the review text in the link of my previous post and its also mentioned on other italian websites.

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