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dts 96/24


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Can anyone tell me whether my system (a DV88 and AVR100) can take advantage of dts 96/24 recordings? I assume the DV88 will output that no problems but can the amp decode it, or will it just revert to 48KHz?

I've heard good things about the Queen Greatest Hits DVD but am not sure whether to buy it or not.:)



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Your amp will not be able to decode it. You need an amp that specifically has DTS 96/24 decoding onboard, something like the Pioneer VSX-AX3. The Queen Greatest Hits is a great DVD if you can take advantage of the high res audio track but if you can't you are stuck to plain vanilla stereo.


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So is the 96/24 track on the Queen DVD stereo (not 5.1) even if your amp decodes it?

John Dawson

Established Member
The AVR100 will decode the DTS soundtrack but at 48 kHz resolution. This will still sound pretty good :)

The upcoming AVR 300 does support DTS 24/96 at full resolution.


John Dawson (Arcam)


As the newest AVR200s are shipping with assignable digital inputs, is there any chance that it has also been updated to decode DTS 24/96 at full resolution? I'm awaiting the arrival of mine on Friday and I'm curious (not that I'd return it without that feature).

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
24/96 DTS is actually more difficult to implement than you think. It will operate on any DTS capable amp at the usual resolution. DTS 24/96 is basically core (which any DTS amp can read) and extension which you specifcally need 24/96 capable amp. It was actually a smart specification initially.


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Its not simply an issue off software to enable an amp to decode DTS 96/24. The amp needs additional silicon in order to upsample the 48khz signal from the DVD player into the 96khz signal required for full resolution. The fact that the signal comes out of the DVD player as a 48khz signal is what makes it backwards compatible.

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