Dts 96/24


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Does anybody know of any dvd's that are in dts 96/24?


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I have some DVD-A disks that are - probably not exactly what you were after ! :blush:

Tim Ashdown

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Don't hold me to it because I could be talking complete rubbish, but I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that the first Tomb Raider had a Dts 96/24 track. Not region 1 or 2 but I think it may have been region 3. I think I read it on the Denon A1SE flagship forum.


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As far as I know, the Seven 2 disc DVD only has DTS-ES Discrete at best. I'd be very pleased if it had 96/24.

Rolo Tomasi

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Seven 2 disc does have a 96/24 demonstration for the opening sequence but it is not DTS.

Does anybody think that DTS 96/24 is going to catch on? It's even rarer than DTS-ES at present and I for one am not in a hurry to get a receiver that can process the signal.


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The DVD-A Queen a Night at the Opera.

It's really sad in a way as DTS 24/96 is really great IMHO. With a modification of the SPDIF, more or less all DTS compatible processor can handle this. The resolution surely is enough as compared to SACD and DVD-A I think, and besides, you only need one digital cable...


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The 96/24 track on Queen GH vol 1 is great, It's just a shame about the content.


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Hey all,
It has been over a year since this thread was touched. I am wondering if DTS 96/24 has picked up at all? I am more interested in movies since I am quite happy with DVD-A for music. Does anyone know of any recent titles? Is this format going to survive???

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